Custom Insoles/Off The Shelf Insoles

The decision on whether Custom Made or Off The Shelf Insoles are used is down to a number of factors. The most important factor is the prescription and this can only be decided by a qualified clinician from the assessment. Obviously time frame is also taken into consideration (acute injuries need faster treatment) as well as when they will be used, sport or day to day use and individual choice.

Off The Shelf Insoles

At Oakwood Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre I hold a stock of quality off the shelf products which enables me to fit, adjust and supply on the day if the prescription is right. Other products can be ordered in and supplied at a further appointment if needed.

Custom Made Insoles

For the manufacture of custom made insoles Total Orthotics now uses scanning technology to obtain the profile of your foot. It gives improved accuracy of the transfer of data to the manufacturer and means having to push your foot into a foam impression box is a thing of the past.

The materials used will depend on individual prescriptions but 3D printed insoles as well as the more traditional EVA rubbers are available. The advantage of hard shell insoles such as the 3D printed ones are that they don’t compress over time as EVA does and therefore only need changing if your prescription needs to alter a lot. £230 may seem like a lot of money but one pair can last a lifetime.

The design of your insole will essentially depend on the symptoms we are trying to treat but it is also important it is designed for your individual use. Different sports insoles are designed to suit you indiviual sporting needs. 

Options in style include. 


Sports Insoles


Diabetic Insoles


Insoles for Everyday shoes


Low Profile for Dress Shoes