My approach to your assessment will vary depending on a number of factors;

  • Whether the assessment takes place in a clinic setting or your home
  • If I am assessing a child or an adult
  • If there are any underlying conditions which will limit my assessment due to pain or mobility.

It is important however to ensure I can gain as much information to help you achieve the best outcome from the appointment and orthotic treatment. I will try to establish

  • What problems you have been having and how you think I may be able to help.
  • Where you have pain, if this is the case, and how long it has been going on.
  • The impact your pain or mobility problem is all having on you.
  • If you have any current medical conditions, see any other practioners or are on any regular medications.
  • By examining your joints and muscles affected, if possible, how much and how well they move.
  • What efffect this has on your walking, balance and posture by watching you walk.

Walking assessment Joint check Joint check 2

This should all enable me to establish the cause of the problem and if an orthosis can help.

If an orthosis is wanted I can then take all the necessary measurements, impressions or casts needed for manufacture. If I do not feel orthotic intervention is the most suitable path of treatment I will give guidance as to what will be.

If coming to a clinic appointment please bring

  • A pair of shorts, if the problem is with your legs or back
  • Your footwear that you regularly use including any sports shoes
  • Any walking aids you use in or out of the house
  • Any orthoses you have previously used

How many appointments will be needed

This will vary from one patient to another depending on the problem, any existing conditions and what orthosis is supplied. We can discussed this during your assessment.

Consultation Prices

Clinic Based Initial Consultation and Orthotic Assessment  – £70 (1 hour)

Clinic Based Paediatric (14 and Under) Assessment – £45 (45 minutes)

Clinic Based Review – £45 (free if within 3 months of initial consultation)

Home Visits may incur an additional cost depending on location. Please enquire.

Case Management

I do undertake Case Managed Clients. Please enquire for pricing structure.

Orthosis Prices

Custom Made Insoles – £230 a pair

Stock Insoles – From £80

Internal Shoe Raise – £10

Orthopaedic Footwear – £POA

Ankle Foot Orthoses – £POA

Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses – £POA

Knee Braces – £POA

Spinal Braces – £POA

External Shoe Raises – £POA


Cash Plan Policies

If you have a cash plan policy through Westfield Health or Simply Health for example, your consultation and orthosis may be covered. Please check with your provider first as you will be required to pay up front for treatment and then claim back.

Insurance Claims

If you are claiming through an insurance policy for orthotic treatment costs may vary from the above.